The sensorial curriculum is designed to help the children focus their attention more carefully on exploring the physical world with each of their senses.  Each of the Sensorial materials isolate one defining quality such as color, weight, shape, texture, size, sound or smell, using comparatives and superlatives of language (i.e. small- large, big, bigger, biggest). The Montessori Sensorial materials help the child to compare, contrast, distinguish, categorize and relate new information to what she/he already knows. They are mathematically graded (usually based on ten) and lay a solid foundation for mathematics, geometry, geography, botany, art, music and most specifically language (colors, shapes, sizes, dimensions, grading, etc.) The manipulatives are colorful and beg to be touched. Each material is child sized and isolates the difficulty of each concept with a control of error, enabling self-correction and learning.