Extra Curricular

Each of our extracurricular activities are led by a team of qualified and dedicated coaches who come directly to LMM, offering parents a one-stop shop for childcare, enrichment programs, and extracurricular opportunities.

*Tutoring for additional monthly rate

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Our soccer curriculum is carefully designed to introduce correct technique at the appropriate age and promote physical development in each child at the same time empowering them to be confident in their abilities. We concentrate of developing the fundamentals of soccer including: dribbling, heading, shielding, shooting, defense, passing, trapping, and receiving. (note: discounts available for children enrolled in both Soccer Skills and Basketball Basics)

Children will be taught balance and coordination in our exciting dance classes. They will be taken progressively through different movement techniques as they build confidence. Children will cultivate a passion for expression through dance and grow in their abilities with joy.

Our karate lessons teach children of all ages the importance of respect, self-discipline, and self-control. Children will excel in this group setting as they learn strength-building skills as a team and individually.

Our Basketball classes introduce students to fundamental basketball techniques while promoting an appreciation for overall physical fitness in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. This program will offer children an active, structure group for children to develop motor skills while having fun playing the game!

For young children, our enrichment program introduces the rules and dynamics of football while demonstrating the basic movements involved giving them a low-pressure environment to learn the game and gain motor skills. This class will prepare children for competitive play as they progress.

Our private piano lessons offer a unique opportunity for children who have little to no experience playing a musical instrument but have the desire to learn. Students will learn about tempo, rhythm, and how to read music with individualized instruction.

Private Tutoring
At LMM, we desire every child to reach their fullest potential. With our private tutoring programs, children receive one-on-one instruction from specialized instructors to work on various, academic subject matter as well as focused attention to emotional development and social skills.

  • Math tutoring: With math tutoring, parents will see a dramatic increase in their child’s calculation skills, improved concentration, and a boost in critical thinking skills after each session
  • English tutoring: In English tutoring, children will improve their writing abilities, reading, comprehension, and establish foundational understanding for lifelong academic success. Children will be shown how to construct sentences and memorize new words through a consistent structure of learning.
  • Second Language tutoring: Second language tutoring provides a child with daily comprehension, and establish foundational understanding for lifelong academic success and emersion to another language.
  • Social and Emotional training: In social emotional training, specialized teachers will provide focused attention to help children work through emotional difficulty.  Children will acquire healthy coping skills and learn self-regulation.