Infant/Transitioning Toddler Programs

In this class, teachers follow parent schedules for nap and feeding times and work in collaboration to develop healthy transitions to prepare the child for their next classroom. Cleanliness is a high priority and our teachers take extra precautions to make sure every area is sanitized multiple times in the day. Each infant has their own crib and set of sheets – which are washed daily, teachers change into “classroom shoes” when entering the classroom to make sure floors remain clean, and diapers are checked/changed every 30 minutes.

Learning objectives include:

  • Basic motor skills
  • Positive building blocks for social and emotional development
  • Beginning recognition & cognitive development
  • Responsive individual attention
  • Sensory exploration
  • Basic stacking, scooping & puzzle placement
  • Nurturing environment which adheres to each family’s specific infant scheduling needs
  • Communicating via sign language
  • Art & music presentation