Primary Programs (3 years-5 years)

Our preschool program focuses on expanding each child’s development in every domain. Teachers build upon the traditional Montessori curriculum to expand upon a child’s personal interests and foster learning in every subject matter ranging from Math, Science, History, Botany, Literature, Art, Geography, Social Studies, and Athletics. Our holistic approach ensures that every child excels academically as well as socially.

Learning objectives include:

  • How to care for oneself (Dressing, undressing, hygiene & respect)
  • How to care for others and environment (Plants, respect of material & friends)
  • Understanding processes (beginning, middle & end)
  • Matching, sorting and ordering
  • Advanced verbal communication & sound development
  • Advanced academic introduction
  • Advanced emotion management
  • Understanding body control
  • Enrichment programs
  • Further fine motor skill advancement
  • Grace & courtesy