Private Tutoring

At LMM, we desire every child to reach their fullest potential. With our private tutoring program, children receive one-on-one instruction from specialized instructors to work on various, academic subject matter as well as focused attention to emotional development and social skills.

With math tutoring, parents will see a dramatic increase in their child’s calculation skills, improved concentration, and a boost in critical thinking skills after each session.
In English tutoring, children will improve their writing abilities, reading comprehension, and establish foundational understanding for lifelong academic success.
Second language tutoring provides a child with daily emersion to another language. Children will be shown how to construct sentences and memorize new words through a consistent structure of learning.
In social emotional training, specialized teachers will provide focused attention to help children work through emotional difficulty. Children will acquire healthy coping skills and learn self-regulation.

(Note: Private Tutoring available upon request for additional monthly rate)