Toddlers (22 months- 3 years)

In this program, toddlers will be given more opportunities for independence through age-appropriate challenges and environments indoor and outdoor that will allow them to explore new concepts. Children will be introduced to Montessori materials, follow a uniform routine of napping and eating schedule, focus on potty training skills, and are given a foundational experience that will allow them to be successful in the next transition.

Learning objectives include:

  • Beginning of verbal communication & sound development
  • Basic academic introduction
  • Beginning emotion management
  • Understanding body control
  • Enrichment programs commence
  • Further fine motor skill advancement
  • Grace & courtesy
  • How to care for oneself (Dressing, undressing, hygiene & respect)
  • How to care for others and environment (Plants, respect of material & friends)
  • Understanding processes (beginning, middle & end)
  • Matching, sorting and ordering
  • Commence toilet training