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Welcome to Little Marvels Montessori. We are truly excited that you are considering becoming a part of our family. We at Little Marvels Montessori are dedicated to ensuring that our children receives the highest quality Montessori education. Our year round program provides curriculum for children Infants (6 weeks) through Lower elementary (5th grade) in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

Little Marvels mission is to create an environment that nourish early childhood with love, knowledge, passion and creativity. We believe these are the building blocks for a strong foundation. Our approach is focused on a child’s whole development, encouraging him or her to explore, learn and grow on an intellectual, social, emotional, and physical level. We utilize the Montessori philosophy, along with our enriching curriculum, as a catalyst for guiding our school staff, parents, and children to become a strong educational team.

In addition to our Montessori program, LMM offers after school program and transportation from the surrounding elementary and middles schools. Our after school program includes freshly cooked lunch upon arrival, homework assistance, enrichment and extracurricular activities, and late evening snacks.

We invite you to come experience our spacious looking classrooms, gymnasium, special enrichment rooms, on-site kitchen, and large age-appropriate playgrounds, and our grand facilities, which provides a nurturing yet, academically geared environment for your child. At LMM, parents can find everything for their child from love, care, learning, safe and clean environment, tutoring and fun – with our extra-curricular activities and enrichment programs.

Please call our school at 214-383-5229 for additional information or to schedule an in-person tour today, or click here to schedule a visit.


Discipline vs. Guidance
The Montessori method believes strongly in redirecting a child to choose positive outlets to meet needs.

For example, if a child is behaving restlessly, rather using a traditional disciplinary action such as timeout, the parent or teacher would redirect the child to an activity which will exert their energy such as jumping rope or riding a bike, and/or something creative of interest to the child.

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